Our Missions is Facilitated through the Esther Helping Hand Centre (NPC 2014/107636/08)

The Esther Helping Hand Centre (TEHHC) is a Non-profit Company operating in Gauteng to serve the community in aid to their needs. The institution was envisioned by passionate people who daily dedicate their lives for the care and up-liftment of others to see them rise from appalling circumstances. Marietjie Herbst started this by first giving from her own but soon realised that she could do so much more coordinating the support of like-minded people and institutions. TEHHC currently focus on the following:

  • Identification of individuals, families and communities in need with the intent to impact and improve their quality of life;
  • Collection and distribution of items such as food, blankets and equipment;
  • Be a channel of Socio-Economic Development Funds and Donations and the utilization of these towards the sustainable empowerment of people.

Funds received to help will be utilized towards these 75% Black Communities, applicable and aligned with the description of a benefitting community according the BBBE Codes. We also strive to make life-changing impact in the lives of minority groups. Your continuous support to make a difference is highly appreciated!

Do not hesitate to contact us with anything.

Marietjie 0832298184



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